About Us

Water Planet Plumbing & Maintenance is based in Roselands and has been a well established business for over a period of 10 years. It consists of a successful team of 5 qualified plumbers and 4 apprentices, who thrive on keeping customers satisfied and assured. We have and always will provide exceptional plumbing services throughout Sydney.

No matter where you are, North, South, East or West we Water Planet Plumbing & Maintenance is here to provide you with our exceptional services.  Our qualified Plumbers give you a fast, efficient and reliable service guaranteed. Serving all areas of Plumbing.

We aim to provide excellent customer service, little things like showing our customers where the faults are and explaining how we will fix it all add to our exceptional reputation with our customers.

Call us now on 0415 445 445 to see how we can make things easier for you...



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